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  • All quotations remain valid for 30 days and does not include any additional sub-floor preparation or adjustment to doors.

  • Whilst every effort shall be made to deliver and fit to the customers satisfaction delivery dates are approximate only and failure to deliver on the stated date or at a specific time, shall not render us liable for damages, lost time or any other consequential loss.

  • While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour/design matching cannot be guaranteed between different widths of carpet due to manufacturing tolerances, over which we have no control. Neither can exact matching be guaranteed between a carpet supplied and the sample displayed in the showroom.

  • Where quantities shown in a quotation are estimated form scale or dimensioned drawings, the final quantities are subject to verification by the site measurement. Accordingly, all costs prepared from quantities taken from drawings are a guide only and may differ once a site measurement in completed.

  • Installations will take place in one scheduled visit to site, allowing uninterrupted work over one phase unless alternative arrangements have been made.

  • All carpets, even when cut to room sizes, are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, especially on premises where the layout and access are restricted. In some premises the carpet may have to be folded to gain access, which may leave slight creases in the pile. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to surface finishes caused be the movement of carpet in restricted spaces.

  • The client or the main contractor must ensure that all sub-floors are clean, dry and level (including securing loose floorboards) before the agreed installation dates. No allowance has been made in our quotation for sub-floor repairs, floor cleaning and removal of waste left by other trades. Any delays to the installation schedule that are caused by the site being unfit for commencement of carpet fitting will result in additional costs.

  • All areas must be clear of other trades or their equipment so fitting work may proceed with continuity.

  • We will require adequate power and lighting on site and the rooms should be at a minimum temperature of 18C, to allow the carpet to acclimatise.

  • Where our staff are required to move furniture, electrical equipment/appliances and other objects in the area of installation, this is carried out entirely at the risk of the customer. We strongly recommend that the movement of all large items be supervised by the client and that fragile or valuable pieces are moved by the client only. Carpet4You and their staff are unable to accept responsibility for damage or breakages caused during the movement of the client’s possessions.

  • The position of services such as water, gas and electricity supplies must be clearly identified for our fitters to avoid accidental damage. Unprotected/loose wiring for alarms, computer systems, telephones, audio and video equipment (to name only, but not limited to, the principal types) should be run in trunking under the floor. Wiring and services are often concealed from the carpet fitter and therefore Carpet4You cannot accept responsibility for accidental damage caused during carpet installation.

  • Where other trades may need to finish work following carpet installation, no allowance has been made to provide plastic protection to the carpet.

  • Please note that an approximate clearance of 20mm is required under doors for most carpet types.  Carpet4You staff will not carry out alterations to doors. Where wooden doors require trimming, please ensure a carpenter is in attendance, otherwise doors will be removed from their mountings and left on site.

  • All seam directions, seam positions and pile lay are to be left to Carpet4You's discretion unless questioned in writing before estimating and cutting, will be deemed as acceptable with no exceptions.

  • Offers, All offers of flooring are subject to stock availability and offer can be withdrawn at any time.

  • current carpet offer is for a room size based on 4 x 4m only 

  • Carpet4You cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to sub floors whilst securing

      materials to floors.

      Carpet4you cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to walls, paintwork, decorations and furniture.


  • Goods are eligible for return (for a full refund) within 14 days of the delivery date - sale items are not excluded from this

  • This right to return must be clearly stated

      Only certain exceptions to this are allowed e.g. perishable foods, personalised goods or hygiene items (such as underwear), unless faulty

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